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SQUEEGEE TECHNIQUE · 07 Februar 2018
In this blog I would like to introduce you to the squeegee technique that I use for my works and try to limit myself to the essentials in short form. Table of contents: Squeegee tools, acrylic colors & primer coating and technique variations of acrylic painting

Explained briefly and concisely. The most important things about acrylic paints and auxiliaries * canvas & Co., painting techniques * tools. This manual should give you the necessary basic knowledge about "working with acrylic paints & additives".

ACRYLIC POURING · 07 Februar 2018
My guide to the pouring basics should provide a short and easy way to understand the most important information to start immediately, with "step by step instructions" for your first own pouring. About the workplace, acrylic pouring paints, pouring medium, cell formation, silicone oil, opacity of colors and pouring techniques like FlipCup, Dirty-Pour, Puddle-Pour, Swipe, Swirl and String technique